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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 2, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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>> now at 11. wild weather day across the bay area. you naiment we saw it all today. rain in the south bay. hail in solano county and lightning in contra costa county. and there were even snow showers in the sierra. good evening. >> what is in store for tomorrow's forecast? >> let's get straight to sandhya and live doppler 7hd. sandhya. >>reporter: yes. we are going to trade in the cold storm for the chill tomorrow morning. let me show you live doppler 7hd right now. and you will notice that the moisture has moved out of the area as we take you back in time this afternoon and evening. we saw thunderstorms firing up from the north bay. heading down towards the east bay and even reports of hail. some of those hail pictures were captured on
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camera by this viewer who said this was on livermore and hail coming down as you see there rain fall total well more than an inch redwood city move it field. san jose livermore almost an inch and a half. concord 86 hundred. oakland 46 hundredths exploratorium about half inch and you notice the forth bay this time around didn't get quite as much as you normally do. quarter of an inch in santa rosa. i'll let you know if there's any more khbss of rain coming up and take a lock at the morning low temperatures coming right up. amma? >> thanks sandhya 3 roads east of livermore are closed now because of mud nrochlt alameda county public work agency says mud came down on patterson pass road an also several mud flow on tesla road and corral hollow road. lillian is live tonight with the latest. lillian? >>reporter: the roads are still closed as crews work to clean them up. conditions are dangerous as one motorist found
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out the hard way. >> just lost control. >>reporter: a route this man takes every day. ended with his car in a ditch. heavy rain created slick muddy road conditions on corral hollow road east of livermore. >> i wish they had a sign of warping or something. >>reporter: you didn't know it was going to be like this. >> no. >>reporter: how fast do you think you were going. >> probably 50. >>reporter: in pittsburgh more than just rain came down. hail pelted the area. this is what it looked like on glen canyon circle. in concord the streets couldn't drain fast enough. drivers had to plow through at least half foot of world trade center on base avenue. but it's the mud on the rural road causing the most trouble. crew brought in heavy equipment for the cleanup effort. patterson pass road, tesla road and corral hollow road hit hard by the downpour. >> water out to where we are standing now. it took everything from the hills and ditch on the side and pushed it on the road all the way down. >>reporter: how is this clean
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up effort going. >> slow but well get it done. >>reporter: busy start to the rainy season. in the east bay abc 7 news. >> this is welcome sight. water from the streets of the south bay poured into spill way. this one runs next to los gatos creek. help add to water reseven for the santa clara valley water district. the the the the. rain really came down hard in solano county. this afternoon crossing over the bridge here. heading in vallejo. you can see difficult conditions for drivers out there on the roads. now abc 7 news reporter alan shot the video as he made his which to lake county. this wet weather is turning out to go a big problem for people who lost everything in the valley fire which caused so much devastation back in september. here's what alan found today. >>reporter: the committees instructive leak couldn't wildfires have created serious concerns for fire evacuee
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living intent along creeks and rivers. >> the fire created a situation with the land that basically like taking a clay pot, run it through the kiln and bake so it hard the water runs off. >>reporter: today rain was lighter than dppd but still alarming forth evacuee at the hidden valley lake campground. >> if you get sustained rain this area her can flood and most tent camping is on the correct so it's a big concern. >>reporter: 80 fire evacuee still living in this campground after losing their homes more than 50 days ago. >> city council and fema not out here saying well let's get you a trailer. >>reporter: mike thompson says he an others are living at the campground because the local hotel are fool full and fema only offering temporary hotel stay in another city. not convenient for their jobs. >> a lot of people are turning down what they are offering because they don't want. that they want a better solution closer to home here. >>reporter: many evacuee say
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this is the only practical optionment county crew trying to clear did he blow from the creek before the next storm hits. in lake county, alan wong 7 news. >> tahoe is getting buried in snow. this is video from kirk wood mountain resort today. sn falling 5000 feet and above in the sierra and it will keep falling through the night. >> if headed to tahoe you need chains on the vehicle. they are required on both 80 and 50. cal-trans cam on 50 at twin bridges shows an officer sending one vehicle back but doesn't have chains. conditions are just too dangerous without them. >> now we want to see the weather where you live. share your weather photo or video with us. using the hash-tag abc 7 now. man in critical condition tonight after police found him shot inside a car on i 80 in san pablo. sky 7 hd show investigators on the scene. they tonight know if the man was driving when he was shot. gunman drove away. man in orange county faces charges out of a job and ride
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after an attack on an uber driver. police say ben golden was drunk when he began slapping and beating an uber driver friday night. it was captured by the dashboard camera. 2 got into an argument over directions. taco bell says it fired golden as the marketing manager. uber also banned him for life. >> well new at 11:00. overflow seating made available at mill brea planning commission meeting tonight. >> people wanted to talk about the bart station development. >> why not even is on board. >>reporter: right now it's a transportation hub near sfo. housing bart and cal train. developers envision this. 300 apartments. retail office space an hotel. not a pretty picture for bill clark. >> i done hear any fun in this for people. >>reporter: clark has lived in millbrae for almost 62 years. >> i understand your nchblingt i understand all the stuff that has to go with it. but at some point you need to incorporate
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something that is for the citizens. >>reporter: dozens of people address the planning commission at meeting to consider the project environmental impact report. union workers say it will create good jobs. some residents worry it could create bad traffic. and then there are the apartments. >> i would lucky to:h see affordable housing requirement raise from 15 percent to 25%  hou look of affordable housing. >>reporter: city councilman lee up for reelection tuesday says the development is not well planned. >> the something really quick and dirty. that would really hurt our economy in millbrae. >>reporter: ultimately the planning commission will make a recommendation to the city council. whether or not to move forward with the 200 million dollar development. in millbrae, abc 7 news. >> tribute in song. the ♪ rockets red glare. >> still ahead on 7 news at 11:00. young choir members
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honoring lost friends tonight in front of thousands of warriors fans. >> and it is official tonight. kaepernick is benched. that's not the only shake up in the niner camp. mike has the inside scoop. >> in hollywood where national hero alex and his "dancing with the stars"partner lindsay are giving us an inside look at their rehearsal. >> first look what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live"right after 7 news at 11:00. jimmy. >> thanks. i was up all night preparing tonight show just for you. >> last night daddy ate your candy? really. >> our candy? what? what? the daddy
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♪ . >> there was a heart felt performance fit before the warriors game at oracle. this is video provided by the time. choir from pleasant hills college park high school sang the national anthem. it was planned for months but had special meaning. the choir sang in honor of 3 students involved in a deadly car crash over the weekend. 2 died if the accident. the driver survived. we first came to know sacramento native alec over the summer when he gained international fame after helping stop a terror attack aboard a paris bound train. >> now he's competing on "dancing with the stars"and gave us an inside look at his rehears 8. he did. melanie
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takes you back stage now. ♪ it's not every day a rising star remains relatable. >> less can change in a heart beat for better or worse. >>reporter: over the last three months army national guard specialist alec has experienced the ebb and flow of life on national stage. navigating both while he says recognizing his new responsibility as role model. >> there is a lot of pressure to be a good person and act a certain way when again i'm just a regular guy. i just didn't want to die on a train in france, you know. >>reporter: alec was known as national hero in august when he along with air man first class spencer stone and anthony stopped a terrorist attack on paris bound train. >> now me spencer an anthony are kind of thrust in the situation that we never expected to be in or didn't plan on being and now we are trying to act accordingly. >>reporter: not many 23-year-old are recognized by 2 country president. these day
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alec is competing for very different accolade. coveted mirror ball troychlt i think we can win the whole thing if we con sen tikrit on it. put time in. really keen of the all the critique to heart. >>reporter: his partner lindsey arnold by his side for the jurp. >> he can really just come out there and just show america who he is and that makes me really proud. >>reporter: they call themselves time take down. >> you form such a bond when you are together this much. >>reporter: kind of friendship that lends itself to teasing one another. alec known for making sound effect while he dances. lindsey says he's even developed a bit of a crush on her best friend. fellow dancer emma. >> i have to ask if you think perhaps you would be at bridesmaid at emma wedding welcome back day to maybe alec. i'm sure he would be all over that. >>reporter: alec and emma dance together during partner
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switch up. >> i wouldn't exactly call it a date but back when we were still in oregon we went out to greek food and i took her to some water fall. >>reporter: he went to rose burg oregon following deadly shooting where he's a student at this college. he would have been on campus during the shooting had it not been for "dancing with the stars". >> i sympathize now with people who their life change negatively. i kind of want to do something with victims of terrorist attack and things like that. random act of violence that's hit home with me. >>reporter: self-proclaimed regular guy. who has become an american hero. along with another role he says he never expected. dancer. >> walk this way walk this way walk this way you want to keep the i know of these legs touching. and you are just going to do it a little bit faster. that's called a pivot. >>reporter: to celebrate successful pivot alec showed me another move he often shares with lindsay on the dance floo
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floor. top gun high 5. and then boom. in hollywood the the melanie, abc 7 news. fun stuff. well if you have a little sagging don't swaept it. now freeze it. there's a new non-invasive treatment that freeze the fat under your chin. >> once the fat is gone it's gone so after you complete the treatment it's permanent. >> come up tomorrow night on 7 news at 11:00. how it works and what kind of results you can expect. >> interesting. >> all right we are getting some rain today. it was nice. >> it was really nice and of course desperately needed. sandhya is here with what's ahead for the rest of the week. >> item going to be dry most of the rest of the week. look at live doppler 7hd you will notice this our drenching is long gone. just tracking a few clouds right now and to our north freeze warnings and frost advisory have been posted interior section as the temperatures are dropping low enough that tomorrow morning they will be going under the advisory and warnings. chain
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contr right now on 80 and also 50 excuse me and 88. snow showers tapering within the are storm warning and winter weather advisory has been dropped. come down this morning pretty heavy. hoarse a picture that was posted by the ritz carlton from north star and you can see just how heavy the snow was. most resort reporting 6 to 12 inches of snow. we did have thunderstorms here in the bay area. this picture from martinez by bernadette m posted to my face book page thank you for doing. that we encourage to you send your pictures with the hash-tag abc 7 now. today rain do neglect? since october 1st season to date yes the area that received most of the rain actually got pushed up. move it field 196 percent of ample. 130 in san jose. livermore you are at 136 percent of normal. but keep in mind one storm or one year of very wet weather is not going to erase our 4 years of our drought. so we need multiple years of very wet conditions.
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but this is encourage what we got. temperatures right now in the mid upper 40's for napa, fairfield, san ramone, concord, these are the places where you feel the chill in the air tomorrow morning. we see few cloud so chilly start tomorrow morning. mostly sunny the negligence several days and possible changes this weekend for the second half we talk about that in a moment. here's the cold front that kim through. this came out of the gulf of alaska and unstable air mass behind it heating fromçlu s fire off with the hail. all: long gochbility high pressure coming in. we look atbu clear chilly]t conditions tonight. wc continue that trend3v and then friday to 39ãdegrees when you get goingli do not forget a jacket9g or a coat. ráurj definitely going to bef on the tomorrow4x 40 in santa rosa. you feel that chillof in livermore concordkjú fairfield d moon bay. low 50's here] san7 f
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santa rosa 70+ degrees. san rafael$z oakland. 68 along wit livermore. ih 64)m san francis m te'o and san jose0x. 70j day forecast we lookj at low 60's toh little vary ags many some patchy fog not out of the question. this weekend cloud cover will increase and by sunday afternoonhr'to evening we may be tracking some showers right now one computer model is dry so we leave the rain drops off the forecast. >> all right thank you sandhya. >> all right 6here is more to come here tonight at 11:00. >> yes. agony of defeat for one die hard mets fan would one die hard mets fan would took his love of the time to
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. >> our annual give where you live thanksgiving food drive kicked off today at redwood empire food bank in santa rosa. spencer met with some of the food bank volunteers. they packed more than 15 million pounds of food a year to help feed 82,000 people in sonoma county. to help out text the word feed to the no. 8 0077. >> new jersey man proves there noise such thing as too much team pride. take a look. oops. life long mets fan davis got the tattoo on a whelm just hours before game 1 on tuesday. of course he was crushed yesterday when the kansas city royals beat the mets. winning the world series. still davis says he doesn't regret the tattoo and hopes he can just change the date to 2016 you have to love the commitment. >> oh, man. >> optimism. >> oh, goodness e.all right. well there is a ton going on in sports days. >> yes. really 49ers big news.
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>> busy day. all right. 49ers camp davis traded denver did and kaepernick is benched. a lot of surprises today. break it down ♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>> well we have confirmed that blaine will start against the falcons and kaepernick who turns 28 tomorrow will be benched. could have waited until the by week but the move had to be made. i'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. kaepernick sealed on this play sunday when he didn't see smith bottom of the screen uncovered. resulted in a 98 yard touch down. doesn't read what defenses are giving him or see wide open receivers down the
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field. finally being exposed as one dimensional quarterback this beat with you his leg but not his quarterback instinct. 49ers have no more begin tee money oweed to cap after the 2015 season so this might be it if they can waive him by april first with no salary cap ramifications. now blaine was tenth over all pick in 2011 by jacksonville so has pedigree but hasn't started since 2013. he's like smith when he was here getting the bull to the play makers. 49 hers to make this move and if gavin has any success i think he will start for the rest of the season. busy day for the niners. traded 2 time pro bowl tight end davis to the broncos. 31-year-old struggle the past 2 seasons with injuries and production gone way down. he caught 13 td in 20 tlaechbility the only tight end in nfl history with multiple 13 touch down seasons but hasn't caught one since last customer in game 1. 49ers get a 6 round pick in 20 16 and 17 send
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seventh round pick to denver for next year. >> all right. warriors hosting memphis. fourth team this season. curry player of the week in the western conference ampleing 39 points. 3 points in 3 games. he had 53 saturday in new orleans. 28 in the third quarter. close game in the first. green misses there for the put back. big tonight for him. second quarter andre lob it for barns all alone he throws it down. on the break. up ahead to clay he misses. but emphatic put back. warriors led. then third quarter from barns. first ever double double. 11 point 10 board playing for andrew and he gets the inbound pass watch the sho shot. he had 21 in the third finished with 30. off smith. behind the back. between the 2 defender to jame james. memphis good team and golden state beats them by 50.
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1 then-69. 20 straight regular season home win is a franchise record. this is 7 sports report brought to you by xfinity. bush will have season ending surgery tomorrow and resigned to the practice quad after waived last week but the move had to be made with kaepernick. wasn't getting it done. see who is the future quarterback if not blaine they have to draft soychbility you called this before it happened. >> i said would it happen this week or next week. we are looking for down time for the 49ers in the future. >> oh, man thanks. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile devices with our 7 news app. >> our next newscast is at 4:30 tomo morning. lets stay here


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